Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I have made another new trailer for the film. This time I think I'm starting to get it right. To view it, click on the title of this post, or on the word "link" below, or on the link to your right. Check it out & feel free to leave a comment about what you think of it.

gee.. that was actually kind of interesting. like I might be interested enough to rent the video maybe. If kids can relate to this old fashioned music you might have something..
gawd this is a boring blog.. you were getting 50 comments a day when you were writing about helping out people. of course some of the comments you got on hardcore zen weren't very flattering. that isn't much fun. this is much safer route for you sensei.
personally, I think this is great stuff. I was "there" and I don't remember a lot of people with video cameras or cameras/tape recorders of any type back then. that is to say, we didn't do the greatest job of documenting our daily punk rock lives back then, but who knew? you show some real dedication to making this the best you possibly can by hunting stuff down that we all thought probably didn't exist. brad (and vicky) rule.
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