Wednesday, June 07, 2006


My God, they do exist. Video tapes of hardcore shows at The Dale in Akron circa 1983 and the entire Cleveland show to raise money for the New Hope compilation LP. For, lo, I have seen them. And I can say without reservation that not one guitarist at those shows knew how to tune his instrument. And that the Urban Mutants were, as I suspected, truly the best hardcore band Akron ever produced. Starvation Army as a 3-piece with Jim Krane were Gods. Only The Guns could rock the Orkin commercial theme. ODFx were, as Doug Enkler described, "over-the-top ridiculous fuckin' hardcore." Agitated did agitate. Spike in Vain, Idiot Savants, Outerwear, Soylent Green(!)... I need a cigarette (& I don't even smoke!) I'll bring copies with when I come to Cleveland at the end of this month. Be there for the world premier of the film!!!

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