Friday, June 16, 2006


I know you're sick of hearing this. But I have once again revised the movie trailer. This time I've incorporated some of the footage from Vicki Sprague which hasn't been seen in 23 years! Click on the link to your right and enjoy!

You might want to go with something original for this movie trailer.. the old sci-fi voice over thing was cool the first 25 years we heard it but now it is getting kind of old. I was also struck by your fast exits out of a person's take. You tend to cut out of statement before it is finished. Is the rest of the person's thought just stupid or is it about time constraints? I think you need to work on this trailer for another 12 months and then maybe it will be ready. What the fuck is the big rush.. You don't want to make a crappy trailer for this movie.
I watched it again and I liked it this time.
looks good...the old footage is awesome.
It might be nice to let list the site of the premiere on your web site.

Just a thought.

Also: forget the movie. Just polish the trailer to a high sheen. All I cares about is the trailer.
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